Episode 139 – A New Year With Old Friends

Episode 139 – A New Year With Old Friends

It’s the longest show in a while and I thought about splitting it up but why the hell not through it all out for you.

We have Howard on again to talk about clippers – oh and what’s been going on. Andrew pops on to talk a little bit about Adepticon and some of the processes there after the sad but expected no show in 2021.

Then we have on some friends of the show to talk about their hobby experiences in 2020 and things to look at in 2021.

Thanks to JP and Darren from The Age of Darkness Podcast, Andrew Hollis from Aus 30K and various kickstarter fandom. Chris and Graham Mills who make up 50% of Edge of Empire and David from the 30K Channel.


00:00:00 – 01:16:29 – Intro and some tool talk….
01:16:29 – 01:51:48 – Andrew talks Adepticon
01:51:48 – 02:18:02 – Age of Darkness
02:18:02 – 03:02:40 – Aus 30K
03:02:40 – 04:00:21 – Edge of Empire
04:00:21 – 04:31:38 – 30K Channel
04:00:38 – 04:37:10 – Outro

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