Episode 117 – Heresy Reading Order Part 2

Episode 117 – Heresy Reading Order Part 2

00:00:00 – 00:57:07 – Intro with Rob Ing
00:57:07 – 01:54:45 – Reading Order Part 2 – the 1st
01:54:45 – 02:54:00 – Reading Order Part 2 – the 2nd

02:54:00 – 02:59:00 – Closing the Show

The Reckoning of Dalaan Prime:

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Title Type Plot/Narrative Writing/Enjoyability
Horus Rising Novel Yes
False Gods Novel Yes
Galaxy In Flames Novel Yes
The Flight of the Eisenstein Novel ? Yes
Fulgrim Novel Yes
Descent of Angels Novel No
Legion Novel No Yes
Battle for the Abyss Novel No
Mechanicum Novel No ?
Tales of Heresy Anthology No Yes
Fallen Angels Novel No
A Thousand Sons Novel Yes
Nemesis Novel No
The First Heretic Novel Yes
Prospero Burns Novel No Yes
Age of Darkness Anthology No
The Outcast Dead Novel No
Deliverance Lost Novel No
Know No Fear Novel Yes
The Primarchs Anthology No
Fear To Tread Novel Yes
Shadows of Treachery Anthology No Yes
Angel Exterminatus Novel Yes
Betrayer Novel Yes
Mark of Calth Anthology No
Vulkan Lives Novel No
The Unremembered Empire Novel Yes
Scars Novel ? Yes
Vengeful Spirit Novel Yes
The Damnation of Pythos Novel No
12 6
Legacies of Betrayal Anthology No
Deathfire Novel No
War Without End Anthology No
Pharos Novel No Yes
Eye of Terra Anthology No
The Path of Heaven Novel Yes
The Silent War Anthology No Yes
Angels of Caliban Novel Yes
Praetorian of Dorn Novel Yes
Corax Anthology No
The Master of Mankind Novel Yes
Garro Novel No
Shattered Legions Anthology No
The Crimson King Novel No
Tallarn Anthology No
Ruinstorm Novel Yes
Old Earth Novel Yes
The Burden of Loyalty Anthology No Yes
Wolfsbane Novel Yes
Born of Flame Anthology No
Slaves to Darkness Novel Yes
Heralds of the Siege Anthology No Yes
Titandeath Novel No
The Buried Dagger Novel Yes