Episode 007 – Working with Resin

Episode 007 – Working With Resin

On this show Greg is joined by Brandon Palmer of GMM Studios to talk about how to work with the beautiful resin toys that FW sends you. As a professional commission service Brandon has done his fair share and shares some of that experience. Please also check out his website (the links are below) and the wonderful work he has done including his Adepticon display armies which are outstanding.

This episode is possibly the most rambling one yet which is quite the statement but I hope you enjoy that relaxed feeling and please listen out for the competition

00:00:00 – 00:18:00 Intro, usual BL and FW chat plus a discussion point

00:18:00 – 00:59:50 Brandon shares some of his knowledge with us and various sidetracks

00:59:50 – 01:04:35 Close of the show and Competition announcement

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