Episode 111 – Acon and Crystal Brush 00:00:00 – 00:30:49 – Intro..00:39:49 – 01:50:19 – Adepticon and Crystal Brush01:50:19 – 02:21:30 – Heresy against DMD02:21:30 – 02:25:04 – Closing the […]

Episode 044 – WarhammerFest 2016 Games Workshop’s flagship event has come and gone, Greg was there on the Saturday and on this show we discuss everything that was going on […] Greg is joined by Jason Mullins of The Overlords Podcast on episode 004 to talk about ways of theming your Heresy army, covering in our usual rambling chat, playstyles, stories, […]

Stay tuned for the first episode of the new podcast, The Imperial Truth. We will be discussing the amazing  background, gaming and models. Produced by Black Library, Forge World and […]