About Us

Welcome to The Imperial Truth.


The Imperial Truth is a project that had been bubbling away for a year or so before anything was actually done about it. Having been recording After Ullanor* for a while Greg was looking for more ways to talk about the Heresy with people outside of his gaming group or even just to hear more talk, internet forums are great but the way a podcast can draw you into a group cannot be replicated easily. Some friends started to put across similar views, After Ullanor does it’s things but a podcast that talked about the models, the newer books and without fear of spoiling things for people was desired.

So was born the The Imperial Truth, a podcast that hopes to cover the Horus Heresy in all it’s guises; fluff discussion, book reviews, gaming talk, modelling and painting by bringing in different people who will have their own individual areas of knowledge and will be able to provide a wide range of opinions to the show.

Right from the start The Imperial Truth will be a positive and honest podcast, our aim is to share our enjoyment of the Heresy and hopefully into share in the enjoyment of our listeners – this does not mean to say we hide away from criticising when we feel it is deserved.

*After Ullanor is a Horus Hersy book club style review podcast in which the hosts go through each book in detail in order. You can find the show on Itunes and the forums on Garagehammer.net/forums


Your characters:

Host: Greg.

A 20+ year GW hobbyist who has played just about every game the company have put out in that time, now primarily a fantasy player Greg is playing 40K for a great fun narrative game and is fighting hard not to splurge on Horus Heresy models every time Forgeworld release a new model.

Also a host of After Ullanor – the Horus Heresy book review podcast and an avid fan of Black Library events having attended all of the weekenders so far….


Co-Host: Neil
Golden Demon winning painter and all round nice guy,

Occasional Background Guy: Marcus.

A long time hobbyist Marcus is now a player of Fantasy and X-Wing who has maintained his love of the 40k/30K background which has lead to him having both a blog and various appearances on a warhammer podcast (Bad Dice Podcast) about the Horus Heresy. Marcus is also a veteran of the weekenders and been to a number of BL Live events.