Episode 011 – FAQs The FAQs kinda took over this episode, when combined with a lot of news and the Legio Walks event then there wasn’t much time to talk […]

Episode 010 – Q&As Disaster as the intro was lost but we have a good chat around questions we were asked. I shall be submitting myself for corrective programming and […]

7 December 2019 – BL Live 2018 Our usual review of the Black Library Weekender with Michael. This felt a little bit different though. I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget […]

Episode 125 – A Look Forward at Heresy 00:00:00 – 00:31:41 – Intro, announcements and some chat00:31:41 – 01:37:54 – Zax Padget comes on to chat about the recent announcements.01:37:54 […]