Blood & Glory 2018


Blood & Glory is coming back this November and all the information about the Heresy events will be posted here as well as other places. Keep your eye out on social media to see when new info is posted.

The attached document will be in use for the Blood & Glory 2018 events. It is the first port of call to answer any rules questions.

The Imperial Truth Event FAQ 09-08-18

When we have received the army lists they will also be posted onto this page.

If you have any further questions then please email

Finally —– You do not have to wait till the last minute to submit your lists, if you wish you can submit them anytime now until the deadline.

Friday night Centurion event: Enemy-Sighted
Weekend HH event:
Friday Adeptus Titanicus:
Weekend Adeptus Titanicus: at rules pack AT v2.0

Horus Heresy Weekend army lists –

B&G Loyalist List
B&G Traitor List

B&G Stats