London Heresy 2018

You can find the Event Pack for the 2018 London Heresy Event here:

London Heresy 2018

The attached document will be in use for the London Heresy 2018 event. It is the first port of call to answer any rules questions.

The Imperial Truth Event FAQ 13-04-18


When we have received the army lists they will also be posted onto this page.

Further, we have been asked a couple of times – All games will be 3000 points using one of the lists you supplied. You do not have to bring two lists if you do not wish to but of course will then be unable to change list during the event.

Those lists don’t have to be attack and defense lists if you don’t want to – but can be if you do. The scenarios played will be dependent on the result of previous games and so we might have some attacker/defender scenarios but may also have more ‘pitched battle’ games.

If you choose to use allies in one list then you do not have to have them in the second but if you do then both must be taken from the same army list.

If you have any further questions then please email

Finally —– You do not have to wait till the last minute to submit your lists, if you wish you can submit them anytime now until the deadline.