Episode 082 – 2018 Goals and Advent Lore


Episode 082 – 2018 Goals and Advent Lore

As we start a new year we look at our goals for 2018 but also talk about how to work on your own and indeed what kind of goals can be set. On top of that Michael comes on to talk through the Heresy stories from BL’s Advent calendar and we discuss the goings on in the Heresy including a touch on the Age of Darkness Rulebook


00:00:00 – 00:51:00 – Intro and all the usual chatter.

00:51:00 – 01:36:23 – 2018 Goals, what to choose and how to achieve them.

01:36:23 – 02:58:30 – A spoiler filled review of the Heresy eshorts and audios that appeared in the BL Advent

02:58:30 – 03:14:06 – Close the show with a bit more info.


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