Episode 077 – Chris Wraight Talking Scars

Episode 077 – Chris Wraight Talking Scars


The most wonderful chap Chris Wraight comes on to talk about the White Scars and the book Scars in particular. We kept it pretty spoiler free and did cross over a little bit into Space Wolves as the comparisons have to be discussed.

This episode was supposed to have a How To segment talking about Green Stuffing but due to operator error it has been lost within the ruinstorm and due to having so much going on we couldn’t find a recording slot in time so send us your hints, tips and questions and we will cover it next show.

00:00:00 – 00:31:24 – Intro, Sponsors, What we have been up.

00:31:24 – 01:27:44 – Interview with Chris Wraight

01:27:44 – 01:34:59 – Closing the Show


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