Episode 021 – Top 5 Battle Scenes

Episode 021 – Top 5 Battle Scenes

Marcus Pitt comes back on to run through our top 5 Battle/Fight scenes from the Horus Heresy stories. This was pretty tough and I am sure you will have your own views on which ones we chose and definitely which ones we didn’t. This episode was due to be out before the WHW Grand Opening so some of the news isn’t strictly news anymore but it’s all there for you anyway. The noise levels do vary a bit between segments, unfortunately there was an issue with the editing but I don’t think it effects the cast too much you may just need to adjust your volume a touch.


00:00:00 – 00:13:35 – Introduction, our new sponsors and our Scorched Earth sponsors

00:13:35 – 00:30:20 –  The news (ish) with Dan Comeau – all the usual stuff

00:30:20 – 01:05:37 –  Marcus and I run through our top 5 Battle/Fight scenes and mention a few more besides. Don’t forget you can send in yours and I will review a few on a future show.

01:05:37 – 01:17:33 – Closing the show with a few more details about our sponsors


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