Episode 018 – Adepticon Heresy

Episode 018 – Adepticon Heresy

I am joined by Zac Padget to discuss the Heresy events that took place at Adepticon and I also have Andrew Hollis on to discuss the upcoming Kaloran campaign day amongst other things. Oh, we have all the usual


00:00:00 – 00:09:10 – Introduction and some clarifications?

00:09:10 – 00:34:47 –  Zac joins me in our news discussion of the latest releases from FW and actual GW releases.

00:34:47 – 01:44:10 –  Zac recaps the Adepticon Heresy events, we talk a bit about Adepticon and various other stuff gets thrown in.

01:44:10 – 02:04:50 – Andrew Hollis comes back on as the Kaloran Campaign date approaches. We also discuss updates to the Aus30K heresy campaign page

02:04:50 – 02:12:22 – Closing the show.



The Adepticon Event rules can be found here:



You can reach Andrew on various 30K forums as Dono1979 or via Admin@Aus30K.com

Aus30K website


Kaloran Crusade event page:


Global Heresy Campaign:




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