Episode 037 – Sons of Heresy; Fire and Steel

Episode 037 – Sons of Heresy; Fire and Steel

This is our second Sons of Heresy episode and this time we focus on the Iron Hands. Neil has been playing the Xth for a long time and together we cover the legion through the Great Crusade and into the Heresy itself.
We also talk rules, painting and sources, I think we have covered most aspects… All this and the small bits of news we have had over the last 15 days.

00:0:0:00 – 00:08:15 – Intro and news all together in one.
00:08:15 – 00:42:46 – Part one of the Iron Hands – Terran legions, discovery and Ferrus Manus
00:42:46 – 01:16:11 – Part two – Medusa and the structuring of a Legion
01:16:11 – 01:41:09 – Part three – Exemplary battles and The Keys of Hel
01:41:09 – 02:28:15 – Part four – Playing the legion on the table, how to get the most from the Xth
02:28:15 – 02:54:11 – Part five – Painting the Legion and where to find even more information about the Iron Tenth.
02:54:11 – 03:34:12 – Close the show. All the usual contact details.

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